PLM and authentication

News posting on Okta Enterprise Cloud app management drew my attention. Article mentions the interesting area “…Okta’s initial product aims to solve the Cloud identity problem.

Integration to directory service and SSO

I was thinking about PLM and authentication. Traditionally all PLM platforms have attempted to make authentication simpler to user. First step was to integrate with corporate Directory services. This way you can use existing credentials and no hassle of creating passwords for PLM world.

Next step was Single sign on .. Integrating corporate portal and using enterprise SSO portals one more pain was reduced.

Now just login once to portal and access all enterprise applications including PLM without recurring logins.. Of course problem becomes complicated when there are non-browser interfaces such as PLM access from CAD tool or from desktop interfaces.

What next ?

Curious to know what advances are coming in this area ..  When things move to cloud, certainly there would be space for Okta type solutions. However there are few more demands that can come sooner.

Mobile devices ..

How about authentication on mobile devices ?

PLM platforms yet not matured to support mobile for collaboration, simple activities as “approvals” on a black berry can be quite useful feature. One way to resolve this by introducing a middle level framework that seamless ly connects to different enterprise solutions. So a manager can see leave approvals (from ERP) and Drawing approvals (from PLM) listed in same Blackberry interface.

Another thought on same topic is whether ideas such as swiping of badges or scanning bar-codes  will get popular  …. all different methods to improvise Human-machine interface.

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One Response to “PLM and authentication”

  1. Deepak P Says:

    Attracting end user to PLM application is bit challenging. You mentioned few pain areas of end user(multiple applications-multiple user accounts,single sign on) and software industry has provided solutions for these problems.

    Key thing to remember, do not ask end user to change their way of working. Instead provide solution which is align with their way of working.
    I believe ,PLM solution has to improve in following areas:
    1.As PLM end users are still waiting for fine mobile access product data and perform actions on product data. It might be through smartphones or tablets… Authenticating mobile devices might be done through LDAP and digital certification verification.
    2. PLM industry has to look beyond just normal web interface and provide smart solutions. May be different types of devices/client applications to access product data based on hierarchical role.
    Example : Just I been to Apple store room. I noticed, each sales representative is equipped with iPhone which has card reader. Representaive came to me , asked for my choice. entered information in his iPhone, swapped my card through Iphone and emailed me my receipt . That’s it. No need to be in long queue.
    You can correlate this example with design approval process.

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